She just said yes to the magical proposal, and you’re planning an unforgettable wedding! The time has come to look for the characteristics that will make this a dream wedding.

For the groom-to-be, it’s critical to select the wedding dress that will make you feel the most comfortable and sophisticated. With so many different styles to choose from what style should you go for?

The type of wedding: formal or informal, as well as the season and venue, are all important factors in determining the groom’s wedding attire. If you are from North India, you must wear a sherwani to your wedding! And your sherwani must match your bride’s stunning lehenga. Grooms in South Indian tradition wear a white mundu and a shirt-style kurta.

And if you are a groom from the Eastern part of India, a day of dhoti-kurta shopping is all that is expected of you when it comes to wedding attire preparations. Doesn’t it sound far away?

Floral fantasy A Royal Affair

Nobody can deny the royal allure of the Desi attire floral jacket with a unique structure. Because of their versatility, they can be worn as casual wedding outfits for men during minor functions or as show-stopping pieces for the main event. The kurta with churidar for the ultimate Indian look and the sleek pants with Floral kurta for a contemporary look are two popular styles of dresses for men.

Style Tip: For a festive look, wear a floral printed jacket, or kurta. Alternatively, a printed or embroidered stole can be used in place of the jacket.

Give the classics a modern twist with a blazer

What’s more appealing than a blazer suit? Almost nothing! This super cute suit is a favorite of actors, bloggers, and influencers, but that isn’t what makes a blazer so popular at Indian weddings. Blazers for men in Indian weddings are a popular outfit because of the sleek cuts, rich fabric, and the way it adds dimension to a man’s body.

Bottom Clothes Make All the Difference:

We frequently make the mistake of focusing solely on the kurta or top wear of the outfit. However, the appearance of an Indian groom’s outfit is heavily dependent on the bottom wear. The ultimate look is determined by whether you pair your kurta with a pajama or a dhoti, a churidar or a pair of jodhpur pants, ethnic trousers or a mundu, harem pants or salwar. The type of bottom wear you wear and the height of your kurta determine whether you appear taller, leaner, or wider.

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Complementary Colors:

Unlike the Indian bride, who is often required to wear red on her wedding day, there is no such requirement for the Indian groom’s attire. It goes without saying that you should select a color that compliments your skin tone.

Also, if your wedding has a theme, try to match the color of your outfit to the theme. Some grooms and brides coordinate their outfits! They should choose colors that complement each other’s outfits in this case.

Countless embellishments:

Indian groom outfits are embellished in a variety of ways. Zari and sequin embroidery, Kasab, jaali, chikankari, Benarasi brocade, Kashmiri aari, Jamawar weave, and so on — the list is endless.

Furthermore, because most Indian grooms do not wear jewelry, there is no need to worry about the jewelry design clashing with the work on the bodice of your kurta. So, to match the grandeur of your bride’s lehenga or saree, choose an outfit with elaborate and detailed embellishments.


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