Now begins the saga of love as you set forth to live the journey of life, sharing soul, affection, and of course, cupcakes! Ever since it rang true for you, you have never stopped dreaming of the day when both you and your partner shall become one, promising to stay together through all the ups and downs.

Now that your tell-tale love story is a most celebrated and revered affair, set to bring an abundance of joy and growth in both your lives, the time is now to cherish your new life, setting some power couple goals while discovering the most exotic locations of the world.

Honeymoon Calling!

Hear your honeymoon calling? We do, and also we hear the growling butterflies in your stomach waiting to get free in the prismatic abodes, where all that speaks is your love, under the twilight starry night!

To celebrate your companionship, your happily ever after, and your jollity, we have curated the top most loved honeymoon destinations to help you make the most of your time together in the lapse of magical paradise around.

Here’s the list of top honeymoon destinations that every couple should visit to inspire passion and spark, celebrating their bond of love today and forever.


A slice of paradise known to be a heaven on Earth for its beautiful breezy beaches extends into an endless expanse of serene blue ocean. Mauritius is indeed a love-making destination, inviting comfort and luxury while inspiring romance.

Discover the palatial hotels, sandy beaches, culturally diverse activities, and fun sports to enjoy your honeymoon making memories on the go!


A tropical paradise to get on a perfect getaway with your partner. Bali is one of the most revered honeymoon destinations, known to inspire romance with its sandy beaches, roads, and villages flanked with greenery, luxurious hotels, and fun activities.

Laze around on the beaches, trek up Mount Batur, or have a cozy romantic dinner on top of an active volcano. If you are seeking an ideal honeymoon getaway, Bali comes out as a guaranteed winner!


Discover the suspended huts on the azure water of the Indian ocean, sweeping off the feet of your partner in the exotic abode with salubrious weather. Yes, we are speaking of Maldives. Give your love the luxury it deserves with a stay in the artsy hotels, dips in a private infinity pool at sunset, and more.


If your love spells of a classic romance, Paris is your pick for a perfect honeymoon getaway. Synonymous with tell-tale love, be a wanderlust on the cobbled paths of Paris, redefining your moment of love on the historical landmark of love – The Eiffel tower. Looking for the best budget wedding planner? We are one of the leading budget wedding planner, celebrating your big fab day with love, laughter, and happiness. Let the magic of rustic charm and elegance take over your wedding as we call angels to adorn your wedding with eloquence and captivating hues.

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