Top 5 Exotic Wedding Destinations 2017


It is the breathtaking intermingling of ancient cultural heritage and modern style that will strike you as you encounter Muscat…The city will start growing on you quickly and soon you will fall in love with it!

The winding roads, houses, gates, old markets and small shops reminiscent of ancient history exist alongside modern day buildings, streets, large shops and markets designed in modern architecture. But despite the modern times, architecture and the inherent technologies… you will not find a skyscraper cluttered skyline. Rather it is a stunning visual of gently undulating hills all around. Sandstone and limestone hills in varying shades create a brilliant backdrop for the beautiful white structures of the city and the grand mosques, all of which are characterized with designer domes!

Don’t get misled with the traditions all around though… Muscat is a modern day city with its share of brilliant shopping zones and areas, cafes, malls, pubs and music bars. Super-Duper Weddings will help you plan your dream wedding in the city of Muscat. There are quite a number of premium 5 star hotels and resorts in and around Muscat that are symbols of prosperity and affluence of the city. Grand Hyatt, The Chedi, Al-Bustan Palace and Crowne Plaza are some premium hotels in Muscat.

The Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa, run by Shangri La Hotels is one property that stands out from the rest. It is an oasis of luxury along the sparkling bay. The experience of the resort can only be explained by an actual experience, and not by words. The three hotels in the resort are a different world altogether. A wedding in this location is an experience that is unmatched by any other. And we at Super-Duper Weddings will bring to your service everything that is minutely required for an Indian wedding in Muscat, of any scale and create a magical experience for you and your guests in this truly special venue. Trust us, you will never experience anything better!

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Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka, the blessed land. Blessed with some of world’s best beaches. Blessed with beautiful remnants of a great era gone by – it has the most number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites packed into a small area. Blessed with some of the world’s best found gems and precious stones. Blessed with a blissful rainforests and elephants and wildlife. Blessed with the famous flavors of food and tea. Blessed with oodles of fun opportunity on land and sea. But more than all of this Sri Lanka is blessed with a secret attraction – Its people, their big smiles and their big hearts.

Ayubowan! You are never further from the blessed land to host your very special day and in return feel all the more blessed! The proximity to India and the gulf countries makes it a destination which easily connected from any major airport of the region. The various options of hotels and resorts along the western coastline from Colombo to Galle and further on till Hambantota on the south east, provides you beautiful picturesque locales to hold your wedding functions. The best hotels of the world are present here and provide the best of Indian, Sri Lankan and world cuisine to make your wedding a classy affair. And the colors and heritage of Sri Lanka only embellishes the bliss and happiness further. Shangri-la, Cinnamon, Marriott, Taj, Hilton, Sheraton and a slew of other equally beautiful hotel/resort options are available across the country for you to choose from. The country has the best of infrastructure and technology providers and some of the best folk and cultural performances to make your big day a grand one!

Call Super-Duper Weddings on +91 9004100734 or +91 9167173973 to know more about the possibilities, venues and the blissful beauty of Sri Lanka and we will help you plan your special day on this blessed land!

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Goa… the name says it all! The universal holiday destination that plays host to more than 2 million visitors every year. Whatever your liking – swaying palm beaches, white sand beaches, sparkling waters, sunny beaches, beach shacks, pubs and discos, beautiful boutique hotels, grand five star hotels, beautiful churches, awesome seafood restaurants and shacks, a happening time of your life or a relaxing laid back life, you will find it all here. No other destination in India can match what Goa has to offer! We at Super-Duper Weddings will make your wedding a magical experience in Goa by adding the required quotient of fun, rituals, celebrations & much more… One rarely gets weary of this destination… the memory of the sights and fragrance of Goa itself is enough to whip up happiness in a jaded mind! And it is this diversity and variety that has made Goa a top destination wedding location not only for Indians but for people from across the globe. Be it an exotic beach wedding or a grand wedding set-up in various themes in one of the five star hotel properties or exclusive wedding venues, Goa has innumerable options and deals. But they all get sold out early on. Hence if you are looking at Goa as a definite destination for a wedding, we suggest you book the hotels and locations as soon as possible!

Goa has played host to weddings across religions and Indian communities. It has all the required infrastructure and resources to cater to specific rituals and needs as well as cuisines! And to add to it whatever be the theme you are looking at for the sangeet and parties, everything is possible in good ol’Goa! You name it and we will make it a reality!

Choose from a host of 5 star hotels from Taj, Marriott, Leela, Hyatt, Accor and various other international hotel chains. And to break the monotony, choose from one of the many exquisite wedding locations to host one of the functions.

Goa, the entire place will come together to host your wedding. And make it an ecstatic and memorable experience for you!

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Vietnam & Cambodia:

Vietnam and Cambodia, two strikingly beautiful countries that lie adjacent to each other. Two nations that have been blessed by exceptional natural beauty, an envious heritage with its historic remnants, a violent revolutionary past, a highly resilient race of people who have gone through the worst and have sprung back with earnest charming smiles on their faces and an inspiring and colorful present.

But with all these similarities, these nations are quite distinct largely owing to their geographical locations. Vietnam has a long and awesomely beautiful coastline that hosts some of the most astonishing natural wonders all along. And coupled with the interesting natural-manmade attractions, its cultural landmarks and new age adventure avenues Vietnam provides a sublimely enthralling experience to the visitor. On the other side, Cambodia, with its intoxicating history provides an experience immersed in heritage and a wonderful royal past, complemented with astonishingly beautiful coastlines and above all the magnificent temples and religious landmarks. The famously fabled Angkor Vat temples of Cambodia are perhaps unrivalled in scale and grandeur world over.

Both Vietnam and Cambodia boast of some ultra modern resorts that are well equipped with all the amenities and infrastructure to host and manage Indian weddings of any scale. We at Super-Duper weddings with our team of experts will make your dream wedding in Vietnam or Cambodia an unforgettable affair for you and your guests. To add to the grandeur of the resorts and an exciting wedding experience within them, we can also host specific functions at historically beautiful landmarks such as the Angkor Vat temple and other historic monuments. Global resort chains such as Sheraton, Raffles, Sofitel, Hyatt, Vinpearl, Intercontinental and Anantara operate upscale resorts in Vietnam and Cambodia that are fully equipped to host fabulous Indian weddings. If you are looking at a destination wedding location which is out of the regular, yet beautiful and enthralling, look no beyond than Vietnam-Cambodia. Contact Super-Duper Weddings for more details on destination weddings in Vietnam & Cambodia +91 9004100734 / +91 9167173973 and we will design, plan and deliver a wedding that is more than what you have dreamt of an Indian wedding complete in all its flavor and colors!

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“God’s own country”, “50 Places to Visit in your lifetime”, “One of the 10 paradises of the world”, “Venice of the East”, etc. Kerala for sure is astoundingly beautiful. It is a world apart from anything in this country. And has so much to offer the discerning vacationer. Spectacular beaches of Bekal-Varkala-Kovalam, glorious back-waters of Alapuzha-Kumarakom-Kochi, sun-lit spice and tea covered hills of Wayanad-Munnar, dense setting of swaying coconut trees all across the state, elegant house-boats, authentic ayurvedic beauty-relaxation therapies… bliss! It cannot get any better than this.

And right into this setting you can come and host your wedding, whatever be the scale and flavor! Yes, a multi hued destination wedding encompassing the beach, hill and backwaters is a reality you can look at. We at Super-Duper Wedding will bring in the spice & authenticity to your celebrations with our expertise and knowledge to host your dream wedding at the Paradise Kerala.

Prime 5 star properties spanning from the north of Kerala to the southernmost tip can play host to you and your guests and bring to your table a cuisine spread from around the country and world… under a setting that could be distinctly traditional to a fusion of cultures and themes, sprinkled with the famous Kerala elephants, colorful traditional festivities and exotic dance forms! A plethora of premium hotels and resorts await you to indulge you and your guests in some hospitality not experienced before. Top names in international hotel chains and top end local resort properties located through the length of Kerala offer you a difficult choice to choose from. If your choice is Kerala, we will design and create an experience out of this world for you and your guests!

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