A South Indian Wedding is widely known for the amazing traditions and pre-wedding rituals that are part of it. But what’s even more popular about a South Indian wedding is the stunning bridal looks of the brides. South Indian brides are the epitome of perfection. The two major elements that make these bridal looks distinctive are the beautiful sarees and stunning jewelry. The brides of the south are often seen adorning heavy jewelry from top to bottom. This jewelry is usually gold, but the brides of today are also seen embellished with diamond jewelry.
If you’re inspired by this and want the perfect South Indian bridal look for your wedding, then you can hire a professional Wedding Planner in Mumbai like SuperDuper Weddings to help you look alluring on your big day.
Here are the top 10 South Indian bridal looks you can take inspiration from and recreate at your south Indian wedding:

Stunning South Indian Wedding Bridal Look

1. Minimalistic Look
Brides today are all about minimalism and if you are one of them, then rather than choosing heavy jewelry and saree for your South Indian wedding, you can go for a simple yet elegant look by pairing a pastel-hued Kanjeevaram saree with a minimal neckpiece and it will speak volumes for you. Kanjeevaram sarees are popularly known for the silk they are made with, and adorning this piece will certainly make heads turn on your wedding.

2. Bling It On
Gold is the style statement of the South, but what about Diamonds? Adorning diamond jewelry for your South Indian wedding can add a bling to your look and definitely make you stand out. There are ample options when it comes to diamond jewelry. Besides, you can simply pair a diamond with any and every outfit, so you do not have to worry about matching at all. When shopping for diamond jewelry there are numerous options that you can choose from. Right from uncut diamond jewelry to authentic colored diamonds and heavy diamond necklaces, earrings, and rings, there are countless options in diamond jewelry. You can also customize your very own diamond jewelry at a reputed diamond seller.

South Indian Wedding Bridal

3. Traditional Bride
The most common yet elegant South Indian bridal look that you may often spot at a South Indian wedding is the traditional bridal look. This look often involves a pretty silk saree, a lot of heavy bridal jewelry made of gold, and simple yet elegant makeup. Most of the traditional South Indian bridal look is all about jewelry. You can layer four to five gold necklaces that give you a heavy yet stunning bridal look. A good majority of South Indian brides opt for this look since it is sophisticated and timeless. So if you are someone old school then a traditional South Indian bridal look is something for you.

4. Combination of Cultures
There is no rule when it comes to experimenting with your bridal look. So to get that look you can put on a traditional saree with Jadau North Indian jewelry. Wouldn’t that be a great combination for your South Indian wedding? Rajasthani jewelry and pure Kanjeevaram saree, you will surely look fabulous when you adorn this unique mix-up of cultures.

South Indian Wedding Bridal Look

5. Hairstyle Focused Look
South Indian brides are known for their amazing hairdos. These hairdos often include pretty flowers and moga jadai. You can also adorn your hair with different styles of jewelry and unique hairstyles. Your hair speaks volumes for you, so why not adorn it the best way. There are professional hairstylists out there who are experts at creating the perfect south Indian hairstyle for a South Indian wedding.

6. Classic Red Bride
If you want to go for the classic bridal look, choose a bright red saree and pair it with minimal gold jewelry. This look is considered eternal and will make you look even more gorgeous. You can also choose a bright red lipstick to complete the look.

7. Subtle Makeup Bride
When it comes to makeup, a subtle look highlights your facial features. You can put on some kohl for the eyes, lipstick, and a simple blush and you’re good to go. Nowadays, a lot of brides opt for heavy makeup, so in order to stand out; you can choose a simple makeup look. In the end, it is all about choices, and you should for the one that makes you feel comfortable and amazing.

Gorgeous South Indian Wedding Bridal Look

8. Adorned In Jewelry
South Indian brides are definitely incomplete without traditional temple jewelry. Pick intricate temple jewelry that looks impressive on you. Also, make sure you wear the signature matha, Patti, on your forehead for that added elegance. After all, a south Indian wedding is incomplete without a lot of jewelry.

9. The Diva Makeup
If you’re the one who loves experimenting with makeup, then go for a bold and heavy makeup look by matching your makeup with the color of your saree and deep kohl and eyeliner for the eyes.

Best South Indian Wedding Bridal Look

10. The Veiled Bride
This is a new and one of the most elegant south Indian bridal styles you may have come across. If you want to try out something different, you can go for a veiled look by adding a heavily embellished dupatta to your bridal look and you will surely be the center of attention at your south Indian wedding.
If you’re hosting a destination south Indian wedding, then make sure your Destination Wedding Planner knows about your bridal look so they can decorate the venue in a way that complements your outfit and jewelry.

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