Spread the Big News!!!

A day that you’ve never lived before, just fantasied, when its no more a dream but a startling truth of the near future. You want to shout out to the world that you have found the one. It’s time to dive into a new adventure.
Well whats the first item on your list…..INVITATIONS of course, and obviously you want it to be nothing of the ordinary.
We hope our list of these unique and not so usual invites will make the decision a little easier.

It is said, “Life is like a puzzle, hard to piece together, but beautiful when all the pieces are put together.” An invitation like no other that encourages your guest to join the pieces together and be there on your special day.

Catching the humour , giggles, crack and laughter through your way to the D day, these invites will definitely bring a smile to your guests, giving them a glimpse of the quirky personalities of the star crossed lovers

Headlines today!! Wedding of the century!!
These newspaper themed invites let your guest dive through your romance, the story of love jumping off Pg. 3. After all you are the news of the season.

Yum whats in there!!
Well nothing says it like chocolate made from the exquisite blend of love, care, friendship and some secret ingredients. Bet your will agree too.

An amalgamation of different burst of colours, with a delicate work of art at the centre, soft feathers enhancing the look, this Boho themed invitation definitely brings the magic of dreamcatchers to your big day.

A story that found its way home through the many barriers of life, coz like they say
“People who were meant to be together will always find a way back to each other.”

“Once in a while, right in the middle of the ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale”
so why go for the ordinary, these three dimensional invites will definitely peak the interest of your guest and make them look forward to your wedding day as much as you.

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