Frizzy Hair, runny make-ups, and unpredictable weather are what nightmares are made up of, for any bride. That’s why winter weather is a top favorite for most brides to host their perfect winter wedding. Among the many benefits of having the winter wedding of their dreams, what oftentimes gets neglected is your skincare. Winters can be harsh on the skin, especially for the brides, who are already running various errands with her wedding planner and are stressed out about making sure everything works like clockwork.

Here are some tips that winder brides must keep in mind to help maintain their
flawless skins for their special day:

Moisturize is important for wedding bride

1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

One of the cardinal sins any winter bride can commit is not moisturizing. Dry skin during the winter is a terribly unpleasant experience. Keeping the skin hydrating with a good moisturizer will help make easing the application of the bridal make-up.

Exfoliate is essential for the bride at the wedding

2.  Exfoliate

Take the time at least once a week to fully exfoliate your face, hands, feet, back, knees, and elbows. Get rid of the dead skin properly to allow your moisturizer to fully work its magic on your beautiful skin.

effect of the sun's cream for the skin of the bride at her wedding

3. Sunscreen, even without the sun

A very common mistake that brides assume that their winter wedding allows them to skimp on the sunscreen. Wrong! The sun’s harmful rays unfortunately do not stop being harmful during the winter. A high SPF content sunscreen goes a long way in your skincare. Moisturizers and Make-up nowadays also come with ample SPF protection.

night care routine for the wedding day prepapration

4. Indulge in a night care routine

Even if you are not one for an elaborate night care routine for your skin, start small. Take the time every day to focus on cleansing the face with a mild face wash. Apply a layer of light night-time moisturizer before you sleep. If you have the patience for it, apply an all-night mask, and indulge in regular, good night’s sleep. It’s all the repair and rejuvenation the skin really needs.

Tips to Eat healthily and well for the most important wedding day

5. Eat healthy and well

Treat the body with respect and it rewards with a thriving, flawless glow throughout the winter months. Pay close attention to the diet and moderately balance the healthy fats, nutrients, and proteins. Going to be spending the day outdoors with the wedding planner, getting a few things in order? Carry a bag of dry fruits and seasonal fruits and stay nourished throughout the day.

Often times, brides focus on making sure everything during the wedding matches their version of the perfect winter wedding. But very little on themselves. That’s why having a wedding planner who understands this and focuses on managing everything as per the brides’ wishes and reassures the bride regularly, helps the bride focus on their self-care better.




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