Décor & Designs

Super-Duper Weddings designers ensure that the décor for your wedding and all related functions brings out a ‘wow’ feeling! We will create designs that will reflect your aspirations and tastes. And what we show you on the computer screen is what we will create for you. We will transform your aspiration into an awe-inspiring reality.

We at Super-Duper Weddings specialize in giving you exactly what you want, so whether it’s an elaborate set design, a traditional marquee, a themed décor or a simple and elegant floral décor, we will design, show and create it for you!

Floral Décor: Flowers are pure. Flowers are beautiful. Flowers are holy. God created flowers to make the earth look beautiful. For you, we will borrow these beautiful creations from God and design and create an awesome-joysome setting for the most beautiful event in your life!

Theme Décor: Fairy tale theme, Diamonds & Pearls theme, Vintage Wedding theme, Rajasthani theme, Hawaiian theme, Back to the 80’s theme, Arabic – Moroccan theme, Oscars theme, Las Vegas theme and much much more…

Fusion Décor: Dualism is a constant factor of life. Past and Future, Old and New, Traditional and Modern, Indian and Western, Present and Futuristic… The dual concepts would be brought to life by our designers and created for you by our skilled work force… giving your family and guests a memorable treat of dual sense!