Logistics & Guest Management

Right from managing ticketing, visas, on-road transport (premium cars and top of the line coaches) to scheduling and managing pick-ups and drops, allocation of rooms and suites for your guests and your family we manage it all!

From arrival of your guests to their departures and everything in between will be handled by us. We will also make sure that your guests itinerary has a wide range of fun activity options apart from the excitement of the wedding ceremonies.

Super-Duper Weddings along with its specialized IATA certified travel company will handle all these demanding duties very smoothly so that you can be stress-free to manage your family obligations.

Our aim is to give your guests an overall pleasurable experience and a wedding that they will remember for a lifetime.

Invitations & Communication

Wedding Communication: “Spread the Grand News”

The ‘Invitation’ and the ensuing wedding communication will set the flavor for the most important occasion of your life. And we promise to spread the wonderful news of this occasion amongst your family, friends, community and guests in the most innovative and creative way.

Super-Duper Weddings has a cell that specializes in designing and creating invitations that will stand out from amongst the usual, and reflect your tastes and class.

The options are endless – whether it is a specially designed engraved/embossed invitation, or handwritten/calligraphic invitations, a motif inspired invite or a gold foiled one, book/box shaped invites, printed silk fabric or textured butter paper, unique hand painted invites and much more… we can make it as unique and personal as you want it to be.

  • Save-the-date Card / Video for Whatsapp
  • Main Invite (for all functions)
  • Inserts (with details of all the functions)
  • Detailed Itinerary
  • Venue Maps
  • RSVP Card
  • Thank you cards
  • Wedding Website

Décor & Designs

Super-Duper Weddings designers ensure that the décor for your wedding and all related functions brings out a ‘wow’ feeling! We will create designs that will reflect your aspirations and tastes. And what we show you on the computer screen is what we will create for you. We will transform your aspiration into an awe-inspiring reality.

We at Super-Duper Weddings specialize in giving you exactly what you want, so whether it’s an elaborate set design, a traditional marquee, a themed décor or a simple and elegant floral décor, we will design, show and create it for you!

Floral Décor: Flowers are pure. Flowers are beautiful. Flowers are holy. God created flowers to make the earth look beautiful. For you, we will borrow these beautiful creations from God and design and create an awesome-joysome setting for the most beautiful event in your life!

Theme Décor: Fairy tale theme, Diamonds & Pearls theme, Vintage Wedding theme, Rajasthani theme, Hawaiian theme, Back to the 80’s theme, Arabic – Moroccan theme, Oscars theme, Las Vegas theme and much much more…

Fusion Décor: Dualism is a constant factor of life. Past and Future, Old and New, Traditional and Modern, Indian and Western, Present and Futuristic… The dual concepts would be brought to life by our designers and created for you by our skilled work force… giving your family and guests a memorable treat of dual sense!


“Deeper the color of Mehendi, Deeper would be the love.” And we will ensure that this pre-wedding ceremonial ritual is set-up in the right space, with appropriate decor and embellishments!

Our experts will present you with design options that would leave you spoilt for choice. And we will embellish this traditional ceremony with splendor and loads of fun and music.

We at Super-Duper Weddings understand the importance of traditional ceremonies, so we maintain the true essence of the tradition but add energy and style to make it memorable! Right from arranging the right decor for your mehendi to providing folk / traditional entertainment, professional and expert mehendi artists, shagun / gifts for the guests and everything else will be planned, organized and managed by Super-Duper Weddings with finesse!


Music is love, music is energy, music is celebration and music is the essence of Sangeet! The most enjoyable, interactive and celebratory function of your wedding is the Sangeet. And we, at Super-Duper Weddings will add glitz, glamour and color to your Sangeet and make it grand!

Super-Duper Weddings will help you and your family members create skits, provide the best choreographers to train you all to perform on songs and make it an evening to enjoy, celebrate and create laughter and beautiful memories.

We can make your event more special by adding in unique fun elements that you would have never imagined before. How would you feel if you see your family members creating music on stage and dedicating a wonderful song to you? Yes, this is possible and we can make this happen.

We can provide you many more unique and out of the box ideas to make your Sangeet a ‘magical memorable moment’ for you and all your guests!

Photography Videography

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. And in a wedding, photographs and video shoots are worth a million words, to be looked at for a lifetime!

The joy of wedding, the energy of celebration, the spirit of fellowship, the warmth of love, the lively sound of laughter, all these make a wedding unforgettable. Yet it takes the craftsmanship of a talented and experienced candid wedding photographer to capture those moments that can become the talking point for a lifetime. Super-Duper Weddings will provide you with the best wedding photographers and videographers who will work magic with the lens like you have never experienced or seen before.

Styling,Make-Up Trousseau

Super-Duper Weddings understands the importance of going ‘Good to Great’ and we leave no stone unturned to make you look great! Every person in the wedding family has to look their very best on these special days.

We make sure that the couple would be pampered by offering the best spa services and vouchers. We will also make sure that every aspect of your styling and your wedding party’s styling will be handled by us smoothly & efficiently.

Gift & Trousseau:

Your trousseau for every function should reflect your class, your tastes and the mood and festivities of each ceremony.

Our team will work with you right from helping you select your wedding trousseau, managing the trousseau decorations and selecting the most unique designs and packaging. Right from traditional Indian wedding gifts like beautifully packaged custom gift boxes with sweets, chocolates, dried fruits etc. You can arrange for unique gifts like saplings in a decorated pot and some wedding stationery including the itinerary of what’s to come, a set of diyas or candles etc. We can also customize and create gifting options and packaging for specific functions like a beauty goodie basket for your Mehendi guests, a CD with your wedding playlist at the Sangeet or cocktail party or a luxury chocolate and wine gift basket for your guests at the bachelorette etc…

Entertainment Artists

DJs, Emcees, Celebrities, Bollywood Actors and Singers, Dance Troupes, Choreographers, Pop Singers, Bands and Music Troupes, Innovative Artists and Performers, Foreign Performers for your functions… The list and category of entertainment and artists is endless.

Super-Duper Weddings has tie-ups and access to the entire repertoire of entertainment and artists in India and from around the world. And we can provide you the best of the artists and entertainment to suit your budget.

We can also provide you with a varied mix of artists/entertainers and engagements ideas, right from caricature artists to fortune tellers to photo-booths and thematic photo-corners to kids fun zones!

We, at Super-Duper Weddings will go out of our way to source and provide you with artist and entertainment options that would best suit your budget, class and the function!