Dazzling resplendently, adorned in the skirt-like fabric paired with an intricately designed blouse, love for the lehenga choli bridal outfit refuses to fade. In fact, if trends are what need to be followed, then the desire to don a dream-like lehenga is only increasing with time, not only among the brides but all wedding-goers, friends, and family alike. 

Every bride wants to dazzle in the dreamy grace of an Indian lehenga, and why not? Celebrating charm while symbolizing pure joy and glory, an Indian lehenga outruns the love for any other wedding dress for its exquisite beauty and regal allure.

The Enchanting Twirl

Every bride-to-be must have once dreamt of recording a twirl in a royal lehenga, playing a symphony of joy, creating memories that shall last forever. The tulle, lehenga, voguish choli, and the dramatically detailed dupatta; all these pieces come together to adorn your beauty with a poise, smearing you in radiance like a dream!

With the arrival of 2022 has come along new designs and trends of much-loved bridal lehenga, for every bride to pick the most royal regalia, marking her happily-ever-after adorned in a dreamy cloth. Same style, new designs have sculpted Indian lehenga choli in a new and more desirable way, charting out the course for all brides to pick the one they love.

Here’s a list of the latest lehenga trends of 2022 that every bride-to-be must know. This shall help you get your hands on the most vibrant and mesmerizing pieces.

●      Anarkali Silhouette

Talk about the ethereal feeling of the twirl, and here’s the classic Anarkali silhouette giving us some wedding dress goals. Lehenga choli in Anarkali fashion come in heavy tulle and continue to be embraced by brides for eons for their magnificent and royal look.

The best part of the Anarkali lehenga is that every body type is celebrated uniquely, and one need not have a particular shape or body type to don this iconic style. Coming in colors of a dream, ranging from pastel to heavily stone-worked lehenga, mirror-worked, and golden wire-worked lehenga, Anarkali lehenga opens the door for vast choices, making you glow like a star as you dress like a daydream.

  • Tehnicolour Silhouttes

Look a million bucks and how! Retro-inspired trending technicolor metallic lehenga is adorned by brides who love to keep up with the fashion game while imbibing the grace and royalty of style. Be a vision in this sheer metallic vibrance, setting you class-apart for the center stage on your big fab day!

Invoking nostalgia with retro drama, technicolor silhouettes are having their time for a trendy and chic design. Keeping sophistication intact with a dramatic sheen blouse and metallic shining lehenga, this style consumes the love of every onlooker and bride who dreams of being the ‘perfect dulhania’ of her groom!

  • White & Off-white Lehengas

Colour me white! Aestheslly warm and pleasing, white-colored lehengas are garnering love for their elegant and regal look. Whimsical designs all over the lehenga, like the zari work, stonework, mirror work, and others, warm the soul of every bride looking for a piece that enchants every eyeball awaiting her gaze.

As the love for lehengas continues to soar, designers are showcasing their top-notch skills by offering more drama to accentuate the style of wedding lehengas. Now that you know about super chic trending lehengas, we wish your big day to be a saga of love and beauty!

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