Your wedding is one of the most beautiful days of your life and you surely want to look your best on this day. But you can only look your happiest and be stress-free on the big day if you have a shoulder to lean on, and that shoulder is none other than your wedding planner.
With the availability of numerous offbeat wedding venues in India, destination weddings are quite popular these days. And so, most importantly, if you are hosting a destination wedding then you definitely need a destination wedding planner with whom you can plan your wedding seamlessly. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, so if you are having second thoughts on hiring a destination wedding planner, then let us tell you that it is one ideal decision you can make. However, before you hire a planner it is important to consider certain points in order to ensure that you hire the right person who is perfect to turn your vision into reality.
Points To Consider Before Hiring a Destination Wedding Planner
Once you do your research and are ready with a list of potential destination wedding planners that you can hire, it is important to consider the below points before making a decision:

Best Destination Wedding Planner in India

• Availability
Your wedding planner’s availability is one essential factor that you have to consider before you hire them. A lot of planners may take up your project, but then there may be instances where they are unavailable during the dates your pre-wedding functions and wedding is held. Therefore, it is always important to be clear in the beginning and ask your destination wedding planner whether they are working on other projects during the same dates as yours. After all, you do not want to be left hanging without your planner. Hence, it is important to ensure that your planner will be with you throughout the wedding planning process and during the big day.

Destination Wedding Planner in India

• Collaboration
It is important to ensure that your destination wedding planner is a team player and makes you part of everything about your wedding planning. No wedding can be totally planned by a wedding planner from scratch, your ideas and wishes are added to the planning and it only happens when active and healthy collaboration takes place between you and your planner.
There are ample planners who do not lend listening ears to their clients. However, if you are someone who already has a vision of how you want your destination wedding to be, then it is important to find a planner who will patiently listen to all your requirements and create a wedding just how you want. Hiring a planner who is friendly and listens to all your concerns is also important because only then can you communicate effectively.

Hire the best Destination Wedding Planner in India

• Portfolio and Past Projects
It is vital to check out your prospective destination wedding planner’s portfolio online on their website and social media handles. By doing so you will get a fair idea of their work and how well they have done in the past. A wedding planner’s portfolio speaks a lot about them and so by looking at their previous work and projects you can check whether they are ideal and can live up to your expectations or not. You can also set up a meeting with your wedding planner to know a little about their past projects and interview them before you finally decide to hire them.

Destination Wedding Planner

• Reviews
If you want to know how well or how bad a prospective destination wedding planner has done in the past, then you can do so by simply checking out their reviews online. Reviews are the most trusted sources to consider before you hire a planner since they are honest opinions and feedbacks of the planner’s previous clients. If you find a lot of great reviews of the planner and how well they have done in the past, then you can consider hiring them, but if you see bad reviews or no reviews at all then it may be a cue to move on to the next prospective planner.

Best Destination Wedding Planner in India

• Experience
How little or more your destination wedding planner has experience in the industry can be of utmost importance when you consider hiring them. Planners who are in the industry for a long time may have more expertise and skills than a planner who has little experience. Experienced planners have contacts with the best vendors, they may help you grab the best packages on venues and can create wonderful events and functions with their out-of-the-box ideas. Hence, planners with more experience are always most preferable.
For an instance, if you are getting married in Goa and hire a destination wedding planner in Goa with about 10 years of experience, then they might be able to help you get the best wedding venue with the perfect view, best food, and everything else arranged perfectly in no time and within your budget. Hence, the experience should always be considered.
Hiring a wedding planner makes you stress-free and allows you to enjoy your wedding to the fullest without having to worry about every single detail of your wedding. However, it is also important to hire a planner whom you can rely on and can trust to organize a destination wedding like no other. By considering the above-mentioned points you can easily hire or destination wedding planner who will not just design the perfect wedding for you but will also be by your side throughout your big day.

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