The perfect ambiance for a wedding is love at first sight

Embrace the beauty of Lonavala — Experience the celebration of your big day in the most spectacular hill station surrounded by green valleys in western India near Mumbai. BEAUTIFUL LOCATION, Great views, and greenery all around! If you are a nature lover, You will be mesmerized by the lake waterfalls, and hills.

Visualize yourself tying the knot and promising each other a lifetime of togetherness while nature witnesses this auspicious occasion. It is a feeling like no other. So if you’re looking to host an exquisite wedding ceremony, then there is nothing better than Lonavala. Wearing a cloak of serenity, this little hill town has been the perfect hideaway for mountain and nature lovers.

Upper-Deck Resort Lonavala

💖The orbit of Magical Serenity

There is something overwhelming whenever we talk about weddings, everything included in it has its own aura. From different ceremonies to various traditional rituals, everything is packed with fun and excitement. The wedding decoration is the cherry on top of your wedding celebrations. It amplifies the festive atmosphere and makes your photos look even better.

The beauty of seeing two people from different families come together and start their lives as their own family is indescribable. Weddings can be especially memorable when captured and held in pictures with intimate settings of the location, this is why destination weddings have grown in popularity in recent years. If you’re planning to do a Destination Wedding in Lonavala you’re going to have the best time ever.

Indian weddings are frequently lavish events. In an effort to make the big day unforgettable, most people frequently spend huge amounts of time and money. However, as they opt for smaller, more private weddings in place of elaborate ones, modern couples are gradually moving away from this convention. It’s a personal choice of every being whether you want a huge party bash or keep it personal with a few loved ones.

If you are dreaming of a romantic and fun-filled destination wedding then go for it, because your wedding is also a vacation, friends, and family can spend time together before and after the ceremony.

Destination weddings will always provide you with wonderful memories (and some pretty spectacular pictures to make sure you never forget them). If you’re fortunate enough to attend one, you’ll undoubtedly be in awe of the spectacular scenery, which will only grow more stunning as the wedding party starts.

Look I’ve found these stunning images from the breathtaking location, prepare to be swooned by these amazing pictures from Destination Wedding in Lonavala by Super-Duper Weddings planner. Also, I’ll show you why they are the best and how they made Big-Day celebration easier. I’m sure it will melt your heart.

The joy on their faces will make you want to plan your own wedding! Scroll on for this per-wedding shoot glimpse…


Upper Deck Resort

The Exquisite Wedding Venue in Lonavala brings luxury to the next level With views of beautiful valleys and massive mountains. This resort is located on Lonavala’s highest peak, at a height of 2500 feet above sea level. The best view over Mumbai and the most beautiful sunset in Lonavala!

This resort provides a view of the landscape, and the clouds are so close that you feel as if you’re floating in the sky! The party vibes are plentiful, making this an ideal resort for your Big — day.

Now imagine getting married at such a striking location.

Good Vibes Only ***

💖Hire the Best Wedding Planner in Lonavala to Tie the Knot in an Exquisite Ceremony.

Super-Duper Weddings, planned an incredible wedding at Upper Deck Resort previously, featuring the happening scene and modern décor, complete with an unforgettable ceremony along the pristine location.

With their experience, they can assure you that your wedding will be nothing less than extraordinary. Hosting your dream wedding in Lonavala is only a few steps away.

Indian weddings are steeped in culture and tradition, And the ceremonies are the most important pre-wedding ritual.

💖Haldi Ceremony

The color yellow has a unique personality. It just makes everything look even more lovely! Check out an example below.

💖Mehendi ceremony

A bride’s Mehendi ceremony, in which her hands and feet are adorned with henna.

Have a glimpse of a Magical celebration by Super-Duper Wedding in Lonavala…

💖And the Big — Day

Celebrate your timeless moments marking happy beginnings with Super Duper Weddings❣️

Food Station & Selection process

Super — Duper Weddings offers wedding couples and their guests amazing perks and unforgettable inclusions. offers unlimited fun in a contemporary setting. Guests will love the lively atmosphere, stylish architecture, and amazing pool complex.

Apart from the mesmerizing location of the venue, there is a lot more to it. Upper Deck Resort boasts a spacious ground where you can host all your wedding functions effortlessly.

Whatever you want for your wedding ceremony, you can have it. Upper Deck Resort caters to all of your needs and ensures that your wedding is an ecstatic affair for the two of you and all of your wedding guests, whether it is the Haldi Ceremony, Mehendi, Sangeet, or the Wedding Day itself.

From vintage to pop to outright quirky, you’d want to steal one for your wedding! 💖

Everything you need for your wedding has been considered and chosen carefully by Super-Duper Weddings.


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