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City of lakes and a landmark where palaces dwell, Udaipur is the perfect town for a big fat Indian wedding. If getting married like a royal prince and princess is your dream, then Udaipur is the place where it can come true. The city is home to some of the best architectural wonders of India including the historical palaces where the Rajas lived and the marvelous monuments that were built.

Udaipur is a city that is filled with vibrant colors of the modern era and yet has the sophisticated touch of ancient times. The city is an epitome of luxury and tranquility together and makes for the perfect destination wedding location for any couple who wishes to tie the knot amid the royal hues.

Hire Wedding Planner Services

Getting married at an exotic location like Udaipur requires a lot of planning. You need to choose the perfect venue for your destination wedding, book accommodations for your guests, and then plan your wedding festivities that will be held at the venue. This can be a hectic task for you and your partner, so hiring a destination wedding planner in Udaipuris the best thing you can do.

The prime reason for hiring a planner is that getting married is all about enjoying the celebrations and the fun that the wedding brings rather than being stuck planning and making sure that all arrangements are proper. And so your destination wedding planner in Udaipurwill serve this purpose and organize your wedding with perfection. Planners are skilled at what they do so hiring one can definitely take the burden off your shoulders. From choosing the perfect venue to checking that the food is served hot, your wedding planner in Udaipur will ensure your wedding is an intimate affair full of pure bliss planned with excellence.

Super-Duper Weddings is one wedding planner services that you can hire to create the royal wedding of your dreams. Our team is highly skilled in all areas of wedding planning so hire us and forget the rest, you will be amazed by the imperial ceremony we specially create for you in Udaipur.

Here’s a list of some of the incredible work that a destination wedding planner in Udaipurcan do for you:

 Sort out the wedding venue

Udaipur has a list of magnificent palaces and mesmerizing venues, so making a decision can be difficult. When choosing a venue, you have to keep in mind various factors like the number of guests, the type of setting you want, your budget, nearby accommodations for guests, etc. This is where the destination wedding planner in Udaipurcomes into the picture to help you choose the location that suits you right according to your preferences. Planners have a fair idea about the local venues of the place, hence they provide you with useful insights that you can use to make a decision.

 Get the best vendors for everything

Vendors play a major part in every wedding. Flowers, decorations, food, music, and everything else require a vendor who can provide you with their service. However, a destination wedding means you have to look for local vendors and then assess their work to finalize one. But with a destination wedding planner in Udaipurby your side, this task becomes as easy as sipping on tea. Local planners know which vendors are best at their work and hence you can be assured that your work will be done with precision.

 Free expert advice

Since a destination wedding planner is an expert at what they do, you’re in for some free advice. For instance, your destination wedding planner in Udaipurcan provide useful advice like what venues are perfect for a lakeside wedding, the best staple that should be part of your wedding menu, and more. Your planner will ensure you only choose what’s best and will add to the charm of your Udaipur royal wedding.

Wedding Venues Suggested By Destination Wedding Planners

Here’s a list of some of the best wedding venues in Udaipur suggested by the planners at Super Duper Wedding:

1. Jagmandir Island Palace

If royal and splendid is what you’re thinking, then Jagmandir Island Palace has to be the venue for your wedding. Located amid the scintillating lake this palace is magnificent and makes for the perfect luxurious venue for your big day.

2. RAAS Devigarh

An opulent hotel for the stay and a mesmerizing venue for your marriage, RAAS Devigarh should be the place where you tie the knot. The rich Rajput culture and elegance can only be experienced at this luxury hotel.

3. UdaiKothi

Resonant architecture and serene environment, that’s what UdaiKothi offers you. It is the perfect venue to treat your guests to the best amenities and relish every moment of your wedding.

Apart from these, there are numerous venues in Udaipur that you can choose from with the help of your planner. Moreover, hiring a destination wedding planner in Udaipurcan save you a ton of money on your destination wedding costs. They can negotiate with the vendors to get you the best items at the best prices. And since they have a good knowledge of everything, they will ensure that only the finest elements are added to your wedding to make it a phenomenal affair.

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Destination Wedding Planner In Udaipur
Destination Wedding Planner In Udaipur