Wedding Planner in Thailand

Two things that define Thailand more than anything else are the ever comforting ‘Thai smile’ and ‘Thai hospitality’ that you will find nowhere else! No wonder Thailand is one of the most popular and most visited tourist destinations across the world. And to speak about the geography, beauty and culture of this country, it is awe inspiring. Based on the tropical belt, you will always find a seamless blending of greenery, colorful blooms and shimmering waters all around you. The culture of Thailand and Thai people come a long long way. The beauty and spirituality of Thai culture is evident in the gleaming temples and golden Buddhas that you would see all across this amazing land. The various interesting rituals and festivals give you a peek into the vast cultural aspect of Thailand, which is so intrinsic to the Thai lifestyle. And what can we say more about the popular cuisine of Thailand, which is adored world over. Only that the variety of the national menu and their inherent flavors can whip up an appetite like anything. It is in this cuisine that you will find the rare blending of the four flavors of sweet, salty, spicy and sour… and still taste each of these flavors distinctly in one dish!

The exotic land mass of Thailand encompasses many beautiful and exciting destinations which are very popular and apt for hosting weddings, especially Indian weddings. The choices are as varied as the geography of the country.

The slick and busy urban landscape of Bangkok with its wide array of five star hotels and resorts offer a choice that would make it difficult to choose. Or look at the beautiful and exotic islands of Phuket or Koh Samui. Each of them has on offer various resorts that are a world in themselves. The beach destinations of Krabi and Pattaya are the ever popular destinations for exclusive weddings. The huge inventory of hotels, resorts and rooms in these locations can handle the smallest to the largest of the weddings! And other popular properties in the hilly terrain of Chiang Mai offer interesting options for a destination wedding too.

Thailand is self sufficient in handling and managing all and everything to do with an Indian wedding. And if the variety and beauty of the place, culture and the landscape is not enough for you to shortlist Thailand, the economic sense surely would turn you in its favor. In our experience, hosting a wedding in Thailand, many a times is cheaper than holding a similar 2-3 nights wedding event in India! Call us to know more about this beautiful and viable foreign destination option. Welcome to ‘Amazing Thailand’… the land of ultimate hospitality and the refreshing ‘Thai smile’.