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Rajasthan, literally “Land of Kings”, is one unique part of India, where vivid colors and vibrant cultures, majestic forts and lavish palaces, mesmerizing landscapes and beautiful sand dunes, glittering jewels and exotic handicrafts, and to top it all unmatched royal hospitality and spectacular cuisines all blend in seamlessly to provide an ultimate and unforgettable experience!

Rajasthan, perhaps has more history in it than the rest of India put together. And most of the beauty of the history and its remnants are well preserved and maintained in this land of Rajputana. It has extensive attractions strewn all across the culture-rich region and many diverse and vibrant locations and places to host regal and exquisite weddings of varying scale and numbers.

The long-standing capital city, the historic pink city of Jaipur, or the city of lakes and lake palaces – Udaipur, or the exotic city of Marwar – Jodhpur, or the regal city of the Rajputs – Jaisalmer and various other majestic forts and palaces strewn across the state provide immense choice to host a truly royal wedding! Modern and well-equipped five-star hotels and resorts in all the cities give you various options to stay and host various wedding functions. Fairmont Jaipur, ITC Rajputana Jaipur, HRH Group of Hotels in Udaipur, Taj Lake Palace Udaipur, Udaivilas in Udaipur, Leela Udaipur, Taj UmaidBhavan Palace in Jodhpur are some of the top of the line hotels and palace hotels in Rajasthan.

Fort Barli situated in the erstwhile princely province of Barli, now in Ajmer district, provides you with an authentic and luxurious royal experience, delivered under the meticulous supervision of the royal family of Barli. The luxury heritage hotel offers a variety of stay options along with the signature hospitality of the Rajputs and delectable cuisine to make your wedding celebrations a truly royal one! To add to the joy, hire a destination wedding planner in Rajasthan and leave the worries to them, as they will ensure your wedding is a perfect affair where two souls come together to be one. 

Hire Us for Your Destination Wedding in Rajasthan

Since Rajasthan is a city that is rich in its culture, the options for getting married in this beautiful destination are unending. And so, the only person that can help you go about your wedding planning perfectly is a destination wedding planner in Rajasthan. Your planner will provide you with expert advice on where and when you can host your wedding within your budget. Planners are consistent at what they do and so your destination wedding planner in Rajasthan will know which city in this beautiful Indian state can be the perfect spot for your grand destination wedding.

If you go for Udaipur, then there are numerous beautiful palaces, majestic lakeside resorts, and 5-star luxury hotels that you can choose from. Every venue in this city is splendid in its own beautiful way.To top it all, your destination wedding planner in Rajasthan can get you great packages from one of the locations you shortlisted since they have good contacts with people around the state and so you might end up getting a really great deal.

When it comes to destination weddings, it is essential to provide the traditional staples of the spot you are hosting your wedding at.After all, if you are in Rajasthan why would you leave the traditional and scrumptious Marwari dishes for some other meals. However, you might not be familiar with what food combinations to keep, and so, your destination wedding planner in Rajasthan will come to your rescue. They will help you create a menu by blending in all the signature dishes, best desserts availablein the state with a little bit of famous Indian foods that are famous for weddings. Hence, you can easily prepare a delectable and enticing menu for your wedding in Rajasthan.

What’s more is that your destination wedding planner in Rajasthan will know exactly how to decorate your wedding venue. Since Rajasthan is a state that is famous for its deserts and magnificent palaces, your planner might just be able to create a wonderful natural backdrop for your wedding that you may have never imagined of. Well, that’s the thing about planners; they can convert any spot to a beautiful and mesmerizing location just perfect to witness an auspicious occasion like a wedding.

In the Royal Rajasthan, be it a colorful musical sangeet in the desert or a splendid wedding ceremony at the foot of a majestic fort, or a sumptuous royal feast inside an incredible palace or hotel, the colors, music and culture of Rajasthan will mesmerize you and your guests. We suggest, come to Rajasthan, the land of the kings, for a truly royal wedding and make it happen with the help of your destination wedding planner in Rajasthan!

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