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“Seat of the Marathas”, “City of the Peshwas”, “Oxford of the East”, “Cultural Capital of Maharashtra”, etc., are some of the names Pune is also known as. True to its various historical and modern achievements Pune can hold its own against the glamour and glitz of its bigger brother Mumbai and would still emerge as equal in all aspects and even better in many parameters. The dry climate of Pune along with the immense green cover gives it a different character altogether. But, mistake not, the cosmopolitan nature of Mumbai can be paralleled by Pune. The mix of people from across the country and globe, brought in by the various industrial setups and universities have made Pune a city for all. And the same reflects in its lifestyle, food and cityscapes.

The ever expanding metropolis plays host to a number of old and new hotels in the city and its outskirts. All the major hotel chains have their presence in the city and play a significant role in hosting weddings of various scales. What tilts in Pune’s favor is its closeness to Mumbai, hence superb national and international connectivity and exposure to the best in all aspects of hospitality, technology, entertainment and event management practices. One can expect and get the same level of service and options in venues and hospitality as in Mumbai but at a lesser cost than Mumbai. The best thing you can do is to hire a destination wedding planner in Pune so they can help you bag great deals and discounts for your wedding. 

But wait, that’s not all, a planner is the most important part of your wedding. They are the life of your wedding because without them, you will burdened to plan the wedding by yourself, which can be a really tedious task. 

Here’s how you can go about your wedding planning with the help of a destination wedding planner in Pune:

  • Expert advice and tips

Your wedding planner is far more experienced than you, and so, they can provide you with their advice on how you can make the most of your wedding without even having to expand your budget. Planners have contacts with local suppliers, vendors, and food caterers so you can easily get a good deal with the help of your destination wedding planner in Pune.

  • A team is ready for you

Your planner does not come alone; they have a team that together makes your dream wedding come to. Every person in the team adds value and is responsible for a certain task. This is how your destination wedding planner in Pune can, with the help of their team and vision, create a wedding that is grand and ostentatious.

  • Leave the décor to them

You cannot really take the stress to decorate the venue depending on several functions that will be held throughout your wedding. So, all you need to do is tell your destination wedding planner in Pune everything in detail and the specific requirements you have, and Voila! Your wedding planner will decorate the venue just like you asked them to.

  • They’re problem solvers

Your destination wedding planner in Pune will be your problem solver throughout the ceremonies and functions. Whatever small or big issue arises during the ceremonies, your planner will make sure it is solved in no time. Since they are professionals and experts at what they do, they take decisions quickly to ensure that your wedding goes smoothly without any disturbances or hindrance.

  • A creative edge to your wedding

Wedding planners are creative individuals. They can make a simple location look grand and luxurious; this is what they are experts at.So your destination wedding planner in Pune will make sure that you are wedding is not a simple but a creative affair where everything is quirky, trending and relatable to you, your significant other and all your close people.

They will also advise you on depending on the seasons and climate that what kind of venue is best suitable for your wedding. The climate of Pune during monsoons and winter are way different from Mumbai, making it a great choice for hosting your big day with the usual splendor and grace, but at a better cost.

Our expertise in hosting wedding services in Pune will help you with choices and options that are unimaginable. Call us now for more details – +91 9004100734 / 9167173973.

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