We all desire to plan a wedding that is mesmerizing and breathtaking and why not? It is the day you get hitched with your loved one and get to spend the rest of your lives together and hence you want to cherish it forever. Have the perfect decor, the perfect food, the perfect bar court, and whatnot. Well, on the other hand, you must be very confused as to where to get married as you want to feel that great vibe. If you are someone who is going to get married and are in search of some affordable yet fancy destinations, this is just the article for you. Keep on reading to know more about such places. 

I guess, at this point, we all are bored with that same old routine of getting married and we want something that is unusual and outstanding. We would recommend some breathtaking places on the outskirts of Mumbai where you can arrange your wedding in a very grand manner. Besides, it can also be counted as a destination wedding which means the fun and enjoyment will increase. Some of the places to help you make the final call easier are given below.  

1. Karjat 
This place is about 90 minutes from Mumbai and is known to be famous for its rustic cottages and vintage feeling vibes. If that is something that you are looking for, a little aesthetic and retro kind of feel to your wedding, this is just the place. You can also choose a retro theme to match the location. 

2. Alibaug

This place is about 120 km from Mumbai. Here, you can choose either an indoor or outdoor ceremony. They have all the arrangements that you need and you can always talk to a destination wedding planner in Mumbai to have the perfect wedding there ever could be. That way, you won’t have to worry about a thing. 

3. Pune

This is known to be a romantic city where most of the destination weddings take place. There are numerous forts and by the fort, you can have your grand wedding ceremony. This will add up to the royalty of your wedding. People will for sure talk about the authentic vibe your wedding gave and that is exactly what we are looking for.

4. Panvel

This is about 2 hours from Mumbai and it is famous for a few lakes. A nice, cozy wedding by the lake will be an eye-catcher for everyone and something that you will also enjoy doing. If not the lake, there are many lawns that will do the job. Decorating them in a very lavish manner will make all the guests go crazy.

5. Nashik

This place always reminds us of the Sula vineyard and if you are someone who is a sucker for good wine, this is just the place for you. Have your wedding in a very stylish manner by keeping their authentic, different wine types, and that way all the guests will be in an awe of the wedding.

6. Silvassa 

This location is an hour or two away from Mumbai and is known for its magical resorts. This is a very beautiful place to get married at. A royal resort with a pool, royal decor, food that will make people go crazy is the vibe that Silvassa gives us. Have the weddings of your dreams at this place. 

7. Malshej ghat

This ghat is famous for its beautiful river named Pushpavati river. Getting hitched by the banks of a river will be very surreal and classy, don’t you think? This place is about 150 km away from Mumbai and will meet all your expectations.  

So, these were some famous places that are on the outskirts of Mumbai that will help you serve the best wedding ever and also at the same time give you a royal destination wedding. But, now that you know the places, the only thing that is remaining is to how to go about it. How to book these places, how to make all the reservations before time, and many more. One best way to go about this is, look for a destination wedding planner in Mumbai. Search for the ‘best wedding planners near me’ on Google and contact them. Once you find them, the rest you need to do is set up a professional meeting with them where you discuss everything. 

Make sure you put forward your ideas for the wedding and how you see it. That way the planners will get an insight as to what exactly you are looking for. Ask them for their portfolio, see if you like their previous work, and then finalize. Come to a final amount and seal the deal. By hiring a good planner it will be much easier for you to focus on your bit of the wedding. 

We want you to have the most perfect wedding you deserve and taking into consideration these locations and hiring a destination wedding planner in Mumbai will help you have the wedding of your dreams. Cherish your wedding ceremony by getting hitched on the outskirts of Mumbai and we are sure that it will be something unique and breathtaking.

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