Amazing bridal shower decor ideas and bachelorette party destinations.

We want our bridal shower to be breathtaking, don’t we? It’s all about the bride to be, what all drinks would she like, what munchies would she prefer and so on. A bridal shower represents how the bride is personally, inside-out. There are some amazing bridal shower ideas that will help you throw the most amazing party which people will enjoy and be in awe of. If you have a particular theme, try and stick to it. Your wedding planner can take care of your bridal shower too.

best bridal decor from the super duper wedding plannners

  1. Make use of colorful balloons and decorate them in the shape of an arch as the entry gate.
  2. Put up different kinds of candy flavors on a table right after the entry for the guests to hog on.
  3. If it is an afternoon party, make use of antique cups and glasses that will attract the guests.
  4. Get a variety of cakes, different shapes, pastries, cupcakes which will look cute. 
  5. Purchase some cute stickers off of amazon related to getting married or the ones that show that you are from the bride’s side.
  6. A photo booth will get all the attention as the new-gen will run towards it for their Instagram to look perfect.
  7. Have a bar area for those who drink with all the fun drinks.
  8. Play games where you get gifts on winning.

best destination bachelorette party

These are all the ideas for a bridal shower but have you ever thought of how pretty and catchy it would be if it was someplace outside? It will rise up to another level. Choosing a place can be the biggest dilemma and hence the following are some places that you can visit for your bachelorette party. 

Best bachelorette party destinations prior to weddings

  1. Nashik, Maharashtra can be a getaway destination as it has got all the sun, vineyards, and much more.
  2. Manali, if your bachelorette happens to be in winter. It will be a snowy party with a hot cup of maggie too.
  3. There is no way we can forget Goa, is there? Goa has got everything you need and needless to say it has a good supply of drinks too.
  4. Jaipur on the other hand can be of choice too. It has all the authentic ways of itself that one can dive into and if the bride is all about it then it’s a cherry on top.
  5. Last but not least is Pondicherry. It is known for its colorful cottages, vintage European cafes where you can conduct a party.
    These were some tips and tricks that will help you throw the best bachelorette there ever was.

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