As you read the topic the one thing that will come to your mind would be ‘COVID-19’. Ever since the outbreak of this contagious virus, the world went into lockdown and everything came to a halt. Couples during this trying time have suffered the most. Numerous people all across the world were dreaming of their happily ever after, but what happened was inevitable. Weddings, engagements, businesses, schools, colleges, everything was on pause.

This pause was surely a rough time for the guys and girls who were set to get married. Wedding preparations, bookings, and everything else was canceled. But guess what? Since the lockdown is easing in 2021, couples are getting married amid this pandemic, but of course with a little twist – The COVID-19 restrictions. Weddings during coronavirus were all about social distancing, fewer people gathering together, and safety precautions.

Lockdown Wedding in 2021

In 2021, couples are obligated to only invite a few guests for their wedding ceremony with 50 being the maximum number of people allowed in the beginning. However, this has also eased up a bit and more numbers of guests are allowed in various places across India. The only thing that remains primary is to ensure safety to avoid the spreading of the virus.

So here’s how you can conduct a romantic and lovely lockdown wedding in 2021 even during the lockdown:

 Destination wedding in the most beautiful cities of India after the Lockdown

1. Social Distancing

Since social distancing is the norm of today, you can arrange setups that enable social distancing yet are fun for a wedding gathering. Hosting your wedding in Goa is one thing you can do as the beaches are huge and can accommodate people while ensuring social distancing. You can hire a destination wedding planner in Goa who will plan everything accordingly.

Social Distancing is the new norm in every Indian Wedding based out in any city.

2. Mask Up

If it’s about safety measures, then wearing a mask is necessary. A great way to ensure everyone puts on their masks at the wedding is to provide beautifully handcrafted masks that look good when you wear them. Hence, your style will not be affected by putting on this essential item.

Masks are compulsory for every Wedding either destination wise in the outskirts of the city.

3. Invite the important ones

It’s your wedding and although you might be intrigued to invite everyone you know, it is imperative to invite the closest of people on your list. That way you can have an intimate lockdown wedding with your loved one and enjoy every bit of it.

Only a limited amount of people are invited to the destination weddings in India currently

These were some of the simple ways that will help you organize one of the most romantic and lovely weddings amid the pandemic. You can also hire an expert wedding consultant who will help you plan the perfect wedding in lockdown.

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