The COVID-19 crisis has been one of the highest equalizers in a world that was growing overtly indulgent. While the wedding industry gets a reputation for varying levels of frivolity, what has emerged as a prominent trend is this— pandemic or not, weddings must go on. Amid large gatherings or as an intimate affair, wedding celebrations form the cornerstone of life’s most significant moments.

To help make your special day magical, here are 5 reasons to hire a wedding planner and plan a wedding during the COVID-19 crisis:

Wedding Planners and organisers have to follow the guidelines of the new regulations

1. Knowing the latest regulations

If you thought you could manage all your wedding preps yourself, think again. Guidelines around hosting a wedding during this pandemic is a completely different ball game. They are regularly updated and revised without much notice. Having an event planner who is well aware of the industry know-how will help you stay abreast with these changes and guide you in making appropriate preps at the drop of a hat.

Perfect Destination weddings for the bride and groom

2. Hassle-free Destination Weddings

There is a lot that goes on behind the pretty photos of your beach wedding. Having a wedding planner manage the logistics, visas, transfers, accommodation, and transport for your wedding guests will help ease the pressure off you. It allows you to focus fully on yourself and your partner leaving you to enjoy the process.

 Your Wedding Planners will take care of your special wedding date.

3. Helping you stay flexible

During this pandemic, it is very important that while you work towards your wedding date with full gung-ho, you remain flexible for any unforeseen changes at the get-go. Your wedding planner has the right contacts, great relationships with vendors, and a well-tempered team to back them up with the change in plans.

Hire online and get the best plan for your wedding from the wedding planners & organisers

4. Winning the virtual game

The one major upside of the COVID-19 crisis is how everyone has successfully adapted to doing business online— the wedding industry is no exception. Right from picking out your wedding planner, to closing in your destination wedding location, or finalizing the guest list, menu et. al, your wedding planning can be managed from the comfort of your couch and yoga pants!

Get the best event planners for your wedding

5. An event planner is like a conductor of an orchestra

There are various things that need to happen at the same time and in tandem with one another in order to make the events on your wedding day, seamless. As your event planner, they will know exactly who to call, work with, and what needs to be taken care of to run the show. They will be your fall-back person for every request— however big or small, unique or random. The COVID-19 pandemic is certainly a dampener of spirits in your wedding festivities, but by no means is it a dead-end, merely a road bump. Choose the right event planner to help you navigate the roller-coaster journey and create your dream wedding.


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